2017/04/27 09:00

Welcome to the new Daga website.

Now it is easier to find Daga products and learn about the thinking behind them. Just click on the product you are interested in and scroll down for a description in English.
If you are buying in Japan, for orders over ¥6,000 displayed prices are all-inclusive, includIng 8% consumption tax, packing and shipping. For orders totalling less than ¥6,000, packing and shipping will be charged separately.

If you are buying from overseas, displayed prices for orders over ¥6,000 are also all-inclusive.  We charge the 8% for discounted packing and overseas shipping but there are no other extra or hidden charges. For orders totalling less than ¥6,000, there will be an additional charge for packing and shipping.

The shopping cart system is not available for overseas orders, so please contact us directly using the contact email form and we will help you process your order with payment by PayPal or credit card. It is very quick and straightforward and orders are sent by the reliable and traceable EMS system.

Of course, if you have some questions or need more information about Daga or Daga products, please feel free to use the contact email form. We welcome messages at any time and try to reply as soon as possible.