2017/04/25 17:13

The Daga Pen Vise was our first Kickstarter project. It is a beautiful, functional and unique pen that allows you to change over to your favourite refill in seconds.

 We chose Kickstarter because it allowed us to make the Pen Vise without compromising on anything we felt was necessary to make the best, most adaptable pen that we could. It is machined from solid aircraft-grade Duralumin and each one is hand-finished with silky sand-blasting, anodizing and laser marking.

 Kickstarter connected us with a community of people who love pens, are discerning about the refills they use and support new design. The feedback we received about both the Pen Vise and the running of our campaign was overwhelmingly positive and we are still getting comments from Pen Vise users, months after the campaign finished and the pens were delivered.

 You can find out more about the Pen Vise, its design story and the people behind it on the Pen Vise campaign page on Kickstarter.


How to insert your chosen refill

To insert a refill, first loosen the vise mechanism by turning the grip anti-clockwise, until about 4mm of the threaded barrel is visible.


Insert your chosen refill, tip first, into the open portion of the shaft. 

Slide the refill tip forwards into the grip mechanism.

While adjusting the visible portion of the refill tip to a length the you find comfortable to use, tighten the vise mechanism by turning the grip clockwise until it is just finger-tight.

Reverse this process to remove or change the refill.

Some sensible precautions:

-          The Pen Vise mechanism is designed to hold a refill securely for writing, or in the retracted position, by applying only a “finger-tight” turning force. Over-tightening the mechanism may make the Pen Vise difficult to operate and risks damaging your chosen refill.

-          To reduce the possibility of damage to the Pen Vise and refill, we recommend securing it singly in a pen case away from other hard objects.

-          To prevent personal injury or damage to other objects, do not insert anything other than suitable ballpoint or rollerball refills into the Pen Vise mechanism.

-          As with any metal product, overheating by exposure to strong heat sources, direct sunlight in a car interior etc. may damage your Pen Vise or lead to the risk of personal injury.


The Pen Vise was designed to be used with as many different ballpoint and rollerball refills as possible, from the cheapest plastic refills through to large-capacity refills, pressurized refills and erasable-ink refills from some of the biggest brand names.

Here is a link to a list of refills that we have confirmed to be compatible with the Pen Vise. If you have a favorite refill but cannot find it on the list, please check it against this template. We recommend refills that fit the left-hand template, with more adjustability for maximum writing comfort.


Please note that the Pen Vise does not have an air-tight cap, so we recommend refills designed for use with retractable pens. In particular, the Pen Vise is not designed for use with fineliner, felt-tip or other wet-tip refills.