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SLING-X, the latest in the SLING series: Not dropping your phone is the best way to protect it.
As always, the new SLING-X DP prioritizes ease of use and handling feel, and uses the highest quality materials –3D-printed nylon anchor modules mated to a central backbone chassis machined from Extra Super Duralumin (ESD) – but, for the first time, includes a modular system supporting a wide range of phones, from the iPhone 6 right through to the iPhone XS.
Four light but tough Sling-X DP anchor modules are individually 3D-printed from glass-reinforced PA12GB nylon. The chassis is precisely machined by metal craftsmen from high-strength lightweight aerospace Duralumin, giving it a unique and subtle texture, completed by high-definition laser marking.
A purposeful look and feel backed up by functionality, with the security and comfort of the SLING belt-loop.
Besides the SLING series trademark “anti-drop” finger belt-loop, the SLING-X now features the M-LOK multi-accessory mount system, authorized by MAGPUL. By installing the optional M-LOK stainless steel plate, your iPhone can be attached to commercially available magnet-type phone holders.
※3D-printed parts may stain or change color. Also, due to characteristics of the manufacturing process, the surface may have a slightly noticeable patter of streaks. This has no effect on the strength of each part.
※The chassis of the Sling-X ESD2 is made from Duralumin alloy. As with any metal phone case, there is a small possibility that it can affect the radio reception of your phone.
※In areas where the telephone signal is already weak, reception might be difficult. Reception will be unaffected in areas with a normal signal.
※The Sling-X is not designed for complete protection from shock or damage from contact with other objects. In addition, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage, breakdown or misplacement of the iPhone or loss of users’ data. Thank you for your understanding.
※Images are of pre-production prototypes. Details and specifications may change without notice.
• Chassis: CNC machined from A7075 Duralumin
• Anchor module: PA12GB nylon (MJF 3D-printing)
• Surface treatment (chassis): Hard anodized in silver
• Laser marking
• Belt: Polypropylene (Black)
• Weight: For 6 / 6s / 7/8: 59g · For X / Xs: 63g
Each SLING-X is completely made to order.
Made in Japan

¥ 16,000


発送予定:2020年2月3日 から順次発送

※この商品の販売期間は 2020年1月31日 23:59までです。




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