mgn Premium Limited Titanium Card Case

mgn チタニウム製名刺入れ(カードケース)VINTAGE仕上げ
ハードな男の、モードなカードケース。mgn Premium Limited Titanium Card Case

【GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2017年度受賞 商品】

Capacity: 20 standard-size business cards.
Made in Japan

SIZE:96mm×61mm×7mm 32g

- mgn -
上質なものを持つと、心は誇らしく、身のこなしまでエレガントになる気がします。mgn(エムジーエヌ)は世界的にも認められた燕三条の高精度プレス金型技術と 金属加工技術を駆使して究極の上質感と美しさを形にするプロダクトブランド。そしてそのプロダクトがチタニウム、真鍮、ステンレスという異なる性質の3素材を、同一の金型で成形した名刺入れです。 内ポケットに入れてもジャケットのシルエットを崩さない、スマートなデザインの奥に潜む職人たちのドラマを感じてください。


・ mgn Titanium business-card holder (card case): VINTAGE finish
The “tough guy” of card cases. -mgn Premium Limited Titanium Card Case-
Made of light and strong titanium that feels great in your hands. A hardwearing business card holder with excellent strength and corrosion resistance.
Winner of GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2017!

Pride of ownership comes from good quality products. The mgn brand uses world-renowned Tsubame-Sanjo high-precision stamping-die and metalworking technology to create the ultimate in quality and beauty. The outcome is a series of business card cases made using just one set of molds, but from materials with different properties: titanium, brass and stainless steel. You can feel the living drama of craftsmen behind the smart design, and the slim shape of the card case doesn’t break the silhouette of your clothes when you put it in your inner pocket.

Since 2005, mgn has developed metal products in cooperation with the Takeda Kanagata Seisakusho factory, in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture.
mgn product development brings added value to manufacturing technology. For more than 30 years we have combined the metal processing skills available in Tsubame-Sanjo with high-precision, high-technology mold manufacturing. In Japan we say this creates products with an essence called “+ α” (“plus alpha”).

¥ 13,200




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