Ti-Cardcase CERA-BLACK

CERA-BLACK is the ceramic-coated version of our titanium business card case.
After going through the same exacting manufacturing process as the original Daga 100% titanium card case, each individual part is painted by skilled craftsmen using a high-performance military-spec hard ceramic coating by NIC Inc. (USA). The result is the same unique lightweight truss design, but with a luxurious textured black finish, hard and highly abrasion-resistant.

Capacity: 20 standard-size business cards.
Made in Japan

MATERIAL:TP270 Titanium
SIZE:98mm×60mm×9.5mm 40g


・チタン製の名刺入れセラブラック バージョン。チタン加工の限界を追求した名刺入れに最もふさわしい黒として、苛酷な環境での使用を前提に 開発された、米国NIC社製高機能ミルスペックセラミックコーティング「セラコート」で塗装した、キズに強く、タフな風合いのバージョン。熟練の職人が1つ1つ手作業で塗装処理を施した贅沢な一品です


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